Qiddiya and Diriyah are two main touristic destinations that will revitalize Riyadh’s tourism sector.  Riyadh Limousine has been providing transportation to Diriyah and Qiddiya for a while now. The city of Diriyah houses the ancient history while Qiddiya Project will be a mega entertainment project with theme parks, formula one race circuit and plenty more.

About Diriyah

Diriyah is the birthplace of the first Saudi state, historical crossroads of pilgrims and traders, and home to one of the kingdom’s most ambitious heritage developments. Curved along the outskirts of Riyadh, and formed on the oasis that spilt from the banks of Wadi Hanifa, Diriyah’s mud-brick walls once housed a thriving desert city that was a powerhouse of culture and commerce. Its Al-Turaif district, the area’s citadel-marked primary quarter, was the original seat of power for the kingdom’s Al Saud family. In 1745, the city was named the country’s capital, laying the foundations for what would later become a unified Saudi Arabia.

Diriyah is located just on the outskirts of Riyadh, about 40kms from King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh.  You can read more about Diriyah here. Diriyah Gate Project is a modern city for which the foundation stone was laid in 2020. with world-class historical and cultural attractions that reflect the area’s rich heritage.

The Clash on the Dunes boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia took place in Diriyah. Riyadh Limousine had organized transportation for its clients including visitors and media for this fight. This is one of the events that was covered in Diriyah by Riyadh Limousine. We also have clients who book hourly charters with us to visit the the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al-Turaif

About Qiddiya

Qiddiya is a mega entertainment project and city currently being established in Riyadh. Construction of the project started at the beginning of 2019. The project sits as one of the mega tourism projects in the framework of the Saudi Vision 2030 which aims to diversify the income resources of the country. It is composed of five primary projects. These projects include resorts, parks, and city center. Phase one that will be opened in 2023 will feature Six Flags as a family attraction.  The main aim of the master plan is to create a project that overwhelms visitors with a variety of activities.

Qiddiya is part of the Kingdom’s tourism strategy and represents a hub for attracting tourists, especially in light of Riyadh’s population growth. The city which will cover over 300 square kilometers of land — will host a Formula 1 racing track, a Six Flags theme park, a water park, sports facilities such as football stadiums and development infrastructure for young Saudi athletes, and an extensive range of cultural, creative and artistic activities.

Riyadh Limousine provides transportation to Qiddiya as we have executives and corporates visiting the area to explore potential opportunities.  The Qiddiya Project is located about 90kms from King Khalid International Airport.

To book your limo service and transportation to Diriyah or Qiddiya, please feel free to reach us anytime on info@riyadhlimousine.com